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 ADDICTION tryouts rules and procedures

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PostSubject: ADDICTION tryouts rules and procedures   Wed Apr 22, 2009 8:02 pm


The Following is the breakdown of how and who by ADDICTION’s tryouts will be held. ADDICTION’s tryouts consist of two parts. The first is an in game PvP death match tryout held by an ADDICTION tryout approved staff member and the second an on vent tryout to make sure that our personality are a good match to what ADDICTION is looking for in our players. The person trying out or the “Pledge” if you will; must have already filled out an application and be put on vent before the tryout would go forward. Lastly the tryout should be 1 Vs 1. Two games should be played one on Arena and the other the choice of the “Pledge” a.k.a. his/hers best map of choice.

Lastly the “Pledge” must get a % of kill to death ratios we have laid out for each staff member due to our different play levels..... 80% Vs. Chronic420 or CHURNOBUL, & 60% Vs. JBone,or xhemorrhagex, or Hitman420 . (ie meaning that if we kill them 10 times that they must kill us 6 or more times) to make the cut at the 60% level and so on. And That % of kill to deaths must be made on both games

Tryouts will be held up to 3 times and a player that fails can not tryout again untill 48 hours has passed.

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ADDICTION tryouts rules and procedures
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