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 forcefield's application

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Co-Clan Masters
Co-Clan Masters

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Registration date : 2009-03-05
Age : 31
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PostSubject: forcefield's application   Thu Mar 05, 2009 7:33 am

How long have you been playing exteel?
1 year, with an inactive period

What is your rank and level?
Cms 35

What clans have you been in, if any?
none in exteel

What were your reasons for leaving (if applicable)?
not applicable

Why do you want to join ADDICTION?
Seems like a nice and active clan, fulled with people who want to take the game serious but allso are having fun while doing it.

Can anyone in the clan vouch for you?

Whats your favorite mech build (list one)?

What weapons are you best with?
blade, smg, rifle

What role do you want to play in a Clan Battle?
capping, or defending

What time of the day are you most active?
afternoon/ night

Do you have vent and a mic?

Anything else you want to add?
ill be 36 soon

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forcefield's application
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