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 Another brave soldier, wanting to join.

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PostSubject: Another brave soldier, wanting to join.   Wed Jun 03, 2009 2:13 pm

Hi, my name is swen. i live in bunde (yes it is a town close to maastricht, it excists )
Thats in the south of the netherlands (holland). When im not home allone i have 2 adorable parents i call Dad and mom.
I like to play the piano, been doing that since i was 6 years old. And i have just gained intrest to play the guitar, cause my friends introduced me to it 2 years ago.
I play in 2 little bands, sometimes i play guitar or the piano.

My gaming started when my best friend made me join a clan in BHD, at first it really didnt appeal to me but i really liked it at the end.
We went to LAN's together and there we allso made a few new friendships we still have.
At one time they introduced Cod2, 60 people on 1 server *brecourt* trying to kill eachother, half of them never played it before.
Choas ftw lol, i died and i died, didnt like the game at all. Again my friend persuaded me to buy the game and join his clan.
Few month's later i stopped gaming started concentrating on schoolwork, friends, family...
But the last few month's i started gaming again, remembering how much fun i had in Exteel, and knew some people from this clan. So i went back to see if it was how i remembered.
heheh still had much fun so i decided to join you guys/girls for all the fun i have.

Let's get into me a bit... i was born in 1989 @ maastricht. First i lived 1 year in "landgraaf" then we moved to "bunde"
still dont know why tbh. I went to school on a school only concentrated on grades, i passed easely and went to a school in belgium
Well allot of kid's at the borders went to schools in belgium that time, just because you can get way faster and higher payed jobs
if you went to school in belguim. So my parents put me on a school there.
I started learning Modern science, and at my third year i made the decision of going to Economics Mathematics.
I hated french that was kind of the main reason, but in belgium still 4 hours of french when you do mathematics so i needed
a tutor after school. He did such a good job i'm now doing Economics modern language the last year (finaly !!)

Be happy with what you have and stay yourself !
I say what i think, and im not bound to any racism forwards any people.
I try to help allot, and i really hope i can help you guys out.

Add me on xfire : forcie89 hope to see you guys ingame, on xfire,...

(ps. Dont know if this is to long, but i think you will get to know this sometime :p)

Well for the questionaire :

Your age?
19 yo.

How long have you been playing exteel?
171h and 25minutes

What is your rank and level?
CMS level 35

What clans have you been in, if any?
none Surprised

Do you have Clan Battle experience?
no, but im up for some !

Why do you want to join ADDICTION?
remembered you from earlier, and seemed a nice enough clan/ people

Can anyone in the clan vouch for you?
no, i have no friends... (you really have to pety me now.. )

Whats your favorite mech build (list one)?
Aero with hellfire shoulders, shield & infinity blade for capping.
Jaywalker head, davenstar core, sidewinder legs + shoulder. S-rifles and second weapon : S-smg's

What weapons are you best with?
Rifle, smg's , blade.

What role do you want to play in a Clan Battle?
Defensive rifler (i have nice rifle's but not a superHP mech for closecombat)

What time of the day are you most active?

Do you have vent and a mic?
i do.

Were are you from?

Anything else you want to add?
Love me !! Embarassed
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Co-Clan Masters
Co-Clan Masters

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PostSubject: Re: Another brave soldier, wanting to join.   Wed Jun 03, 2009 2:20 pm

Your tryouts went well so ..... welcome to ADDICTION!!! smiley-happy

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PostSubject: Re: Another brave soldier, wanting to join.   Thu Jun 04, 2009 12:29 pm

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Co-Clan Masters

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PostSubject: Re: Another brave soldier, wanting to join.   Thu Jun 04, 2009 1:04 pm

congratz on smoking pot...i mean becoming ADDICTED!!!

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PostSubject: Re: Another brave soldier, wanting to join.   

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Another brave soldier, wanting to join.
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