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 Skyblade Quest

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PostSubject: Skyblade Quest   Sat Oct 24, 2009 1:43 pm

Skyblade Quest......

-Charge lvl 2 (unlocked around lvl 50)

A skyblade (3 days, lvl 60 required to use)

Blue = Charge Skill
Green = regular jump

Start out in the Southwest side of Sunstream City near Akane and face the solar powered clothes dryer. Use Charge to get on top of the sticks that can unbelievably hold your weight and jump to the first roof and get to the middle. Wait until your charge is ready and use again to get to the top of the 2nd roof.

Here you can either wait for your charge to ready again or you can use a skill that increases your running speed (and jumping distance) and make a regular jump to the wall.

Continue South along the wall.

Avoid from trying to cross the corner by jumping onto the edge because there is a hole there which will make you fall down and start over. You can either use charge here or (while using your speed buff) jump across there. I have not tried to jump that gap without a buff.

Continue along the wall and use charge at the next wall. Then follow the edge (being careful not to fall down) to the other side and drop down to the wall again.

After dropping down to the wall, Continue for about a few yards and face North. Here use your charge skill to the next building and you can make regular jumps all the way through to the building at the end.

At the very top of the building time your charge jump near the edge to jump to the next building. Make a couple more jumps to the others and to the final building.

Here is where you NEED charge lvl 2 to make the jump. You must time this perfectly to barely land on the pavilion.

Thats it! If you've made it, pat yourself on the back and enjoy your 3 whole days of a skyblade.

-Take care I hope this guide helped.

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Skyblade Quest
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