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Co-Clan Masters
Co-Clan Masters

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PostSubject: CLAN BATTLE RULES   Thu Apr 09, 2009 7:16 pm


1. All Clan Battles must be approved by a staff member. In case some of you may not know who your staff members are; the following is a list of ADDICTION’s staff members (JBone, CHURNOBUL, Chronic420, Blaze514, xhemorrhagex, Hitman420, )

2. If another clan asks you for a clan battle either advise them to speak with a staff member or tell them to please wait while you speak with ADDICTION’s staff. Please if you can take the time to pull them up on Exteel’s site to know there win%, clan rank, and highest member’s ranks we would be very grateful to you for taking the time and doing so.

3. Also all addiction members can look for clan battles vs. other clans on their own. However use common sense when doing so. Don’t just spam in a lobby, nor should you spam every person in a lobby by whispering to just anyone with a clan sign next to their name. So many players have a clan sign yet have less than 4 members. So please get use to pulling clans up on the Exteel site. Know the clans out there and add some good ones to your friends list so you can keep making contact with clans we have battled before. However please remember all CB’s still must be approved by staff and that while we do appreciate you talking time to look for the CB that finding us a clan battle does NOT necessary mean you would play in said CB. Staff has the final say in what clan battles we play, who plays in the CB, and in what equipment each player will bring into the clan battle.

4. Clan battle potions; it’s key that both staff and members understand the list of the three following key positions within clan battles.

1. Killer
2. Healer/Support
3. Cannoner

KILLER – killers would be top members with the ability to dish out high DPS and great kill to death ratios. They would most likely carry the following weapon types. Rifles and Shotguns/SMGs.

HEALER/SUPPORT – This is an important position in which it’s your job to keep everybody ease alive including the other healer. They would most likely carry Rifles/Rockets and Rectifiers and would be a must to have good cooldown arms. Optionally we may chose to have a Quad healer these type of healers should most likely use Quad Polymer Array-A’s to able to stay back at a safe distance cause in most cases we would not have another healer to heal you.

CANNONER – Those with Colony Burster-A’s will be picked for this position.

PS: Please remember a staff member will pick which position each player is placed however you can voice which you’d prefer. However only once please do not try to keep debating the issue with us. Learn to be flexible and remember the Healer/Support role and Cannoner position will be needed in every type of setup were the Killer position may not be used as often.

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